2019 NJ County Corrections Promotional Exam Review Course

By Bernstein Test Prep (other events)

Sat, Mar 9 2019 9:00 AM Sat, Apr 13 2019 5:00 PM

This is a 3-day review course (March 9, 10 & April 13, 2019) for the upcoming 2019 New Jersey County Corrections Promotional Exam.  

Candidates who attend the Bernstein promotional exam review course will:

  • Be shown specifically what to do to maximize their score on the Standard Operating Procedures and Situational Judgment exam sections.

  • Learn about newly tested areas from the most recent exams.

  • Be given a specific strategy for each exam section.

  • Be shown the importance of the Situational Judgment Supplemental examination material.

  • Receive a comprehensive test preparation and 10A31 notebook.

  • Learn how Court Paperwork and Records relating to Inmates and Facilities are tested.

  • Have access to practice test questions via the Bernstein Online Learning Center right up until the exam!

  • Have the competitive edge over those who choose not to attend.